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Welcome to Go For It M A G I C A L B O Y.

There is an alternate magical universe where crystal hearts (alternate magical human hearts) are kept safe by magical beings. As magical monsters and warfare are finding a way to the surface of the human world a certain magical being with bunny ear shaped buns named Aimee must find her way up to the surface carrying the alternate crystal heart that MUST seemingly belong to a powerful magical girl. When she finds her way to the beautiful city of Paris she finds that alternate crystal heart belongs to a quiet, tall and handsome boy named Lierre. Irregardless, this powerful and pure magical girl heart belongs to the only human who can kick some magical monster butt!

Go For It M A G I C A L B O Y launches!

Today marks the momentous date of the launch of Go For It M A G I C A L B O Y! Comics coming soon!

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